Burger universe finished

Burger universe repaired version.

Burger universe is the seventh building in Downtown that comes available for repair and finishing.

It is manned by Kevin.

Repair requirementsEdit

It requires 42 clicks of 100 coins each to repair.

For finishing it 42 building permits and 42 building materials are required.

Get them from renewable missions or neighbors.


It will produce 515 coins and 46 xp once finalized per 8 hours.

Tier 2 production upgradeEdit

After City Hall is finished, you can upgrade Burger universe.

For an one time only improvement of 100% you need 2 contracts (costing 3 credits each)

For a permanent upgrade you need 4 neighbors (+25% increase in money and xp per neighbor to help)

Before and afterEdit

Before this building you will need to finish supermarket.

After this building the nail shop comes up for repairing.

Renewable missionsEdit

For .. building materials you need to ..

For .. building permits you need to ..