Rent-A-Farmer Rob IEdit


Flavor Text: Hey, I've decided I'm gonna become the best farmer there ever was! Come take a look at my beautiful crops!

Mission Description: Rob wants to try his hand at farming. To avoid any...accidents, maybe you ought to give him a hand.



  • Coins: 150 (Android: 75 coins)
  • XP: 70

Completion Text: Rob has a secure place for his crops, and he still has all of his fingers. Good Work!

Given by: Rob

Rent-A-Farmer Rob IIEdit

Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 7.03.29 PM

Flavor Text: So... uh... seems that the Zombies must have made me trip over some Wild Brush and bruise my behind while I was farming. Can you help me out?

Mission Description: Rob is obviously a danger to himself when he's trying to farm. Help him out by harvesting his crops.


  • Harvest 10 Strawberries at Rob's place (10 credits to finish)
  • Harvest 10 Watermelons at Rob's place (10 credits to finish)
  • Harvest 10 Punpkins at Rob's place (10 credits to finish)


  • Coins: ???
  • XP: ???

Completion Text: ???

Given by: Rob