The Big Top

The objective screen for the Circus Mission: The Big Top. "Help Fettucine finish".

The Big Top is a Circus Mission which is available after the completion of the Ring of Fire.

Flavor Text: We are almost ready to unveil the show that everybody has been waiting for! There are just a few finishing touches needed!



Completion Text: ???

Given by: Mr. Fettuccine

Notice that after completion of this mission the circus area will no longer be available after you left it.

Additional Notes: Finishing the Circus Tent requires 1000 Coins (10 clicks at 100 Coins and 1 Energy per click). It is also not possible to construct or finish the Circus Tent before beginning The Big Top mission.

In addition to the 1000 Coins the following items are required, all of which are loot drops from Clown Zombie: